Another Coup Attempt in Venezuela

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Details recently began to surface about an operation to topple President Nicolas Maduro’s government by a coup. The operation was to involve 300 deserters from the Bolivarian Armed Forces and private military contractors. The group appears to have been organized by former Green Beret Jordan Goudreau, owner of defense contractor SIlvercorp USA, and Cliver Acala, a retired Major General in the Venezuelan Army and supposed ringleader of army deserters. The group was training for the operation in Colombia and local officials became aware of the operation after intercepting a shipment of rifles, night vision goggles, and helmets for the group back in March. Colombian and US officials are trying to figure out Goudreau’s level of involvement and Acala is in US custody after being charged with conspiracy to traffic drugs into the US. At some point envoys working for Juan Guaido were aware of the operation and communicated on some basis with Goudreau. Guaido is recognized by most Western countries and the US as the rightful president of Venezuela. Communications from the envoy ceased some time ago and the plan began to fall apart for multiple reasons. Lack of funds and equipment, as well as distrust between organizers led to most of the would-be soldiers leaving the training camp. The situation was exacerbated by the global pandemic and the hardships caused in relation to it. I was going to write this article yesterday when it seemed like the operation had failed before it began. However, today Jordan Goudreau released a video along with former Venezuelan National Guard officer Javier Nieto Quintero announcing the beginning of Operation Gideon. They said that fighting was underway after around 60 troops successfully entered Venezuela by sea and land. Venezuela's government is starting to report that their troops have made contact Goudreau's force. According to the government at least eight fighters have been killed and eight have been captured, including two Americans. Video was released of the prisoners but it can't be confirmed if any of them are American. They also claim that they captured weapons and uniforms with the American flag. Goudreau did say that he was unable to receive support from both the US government and Guaido's administration.  At this time it's unclear what exactly transpired or if fighting is still ongoing. We'll update you guys if any more information becomes available. 

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