COVID-19 Numbers and News as of 19:07EST 05/31/2020

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United States: 1.78m cases/104k deaths
Brazil: 498k cases/26.7k deaths
Russia: 405k cases/4.6k deaths
United Kingdom: 276k cases/38.5k deaths
Spain: 239k cases/27.1k deaths
Italy: 232k cases/33.2k deaths
India: 190k cases/5.4k deaths
France: 189k cases/28.8k deaths
Germany: 183k cases/8.5k deaths
Turkey: 163k cases/4.5k deaths
Peru: 155k cases/4.3k deaths
Iran: 151k cases/7.7k deaths
Chile: 99.6k cases/1k deaths
Canada: 92.4k cases/7.3k deaths
Mexico: 87.5k cases/9.7k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 85.2k cases/503 deaths
China: 84.1k cases/4.6k deaths
Pakistan: 69.4k cases/1.4k deaths
Belgium: 58.3k cases/9.4k deaths
Qatar: 56.9k cases/38 deaths
Countries w/ <55,000 cases: 168
Countries w/ <200 cases: 37
World total: 6.13m cases/371k deaths/2.63m recovered

Not much else COVID related going on. Virus updates will now uploaded every two days.

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