COVID-19 Numbers and News for 07/21/2020.

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United States: 3.85m cases/141k deaths
Brazil: 2.11m cases/80.1k deaths
India: 1.15m cases/28k deaths
Russia: 782k cases/12.5k deaths
South Africa: 373k cases/5.1k deaths
Peru: 353k cases/13.1k deaths
Mexico: 349k cases/39.4k deaths
Chile: 334k cases/8.6k deaths
United Kingdom: 297k cases/45.5k deaths
Iran: 278k cases/14.6k deaths
Spain: 266k cases/28.4k deaths
Pakistan: 266k cases/5.6k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 255k cases/2.5k deaths
Italy: 244k cases/35k deaths
Turkey: 220k cases/5.5k deaths
France: 214k deaths/30.1k deaths
Bangladesh: 210k cases/2.7k deaths
Colombia: 204k cases/6.9k deaths
Germany: 203k cases/9k deaths
Argentina: 130k cases/2.3k deaths
Canada: 113k cases/8.9k deaths
Qatar: 107k cases/160 deaths
Countries w/ <100,000 cases: 165
Countries w/ <1,000 cases: 46
World total: 14.77m cases/611k deaths/8.34m recovered


On the 18th, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani estimated that as many as 25 million Iranians could have already contracted the virus. He also warned that number could reach 30 million within the "coming months". He did not provide a basis for these estimates but did urge the public to be vigilant. A recent investigation by the nation's parliament found that the true death toll from the virus could be twice as high as reported. The investigation determined that this could be due to insufficient testing.

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