COVID-19 Numbers and News for 08/04/2020

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UnitedStates: 4.75m cases/155k deaths

Brazil: 2.75m cases/94.6k deaths

India: 1.85m cases/38.9k deaths

Russia: 859k cases/14.3k deaths

SouthAfrica: 521k cases/8.5k deaths

Mexico: 443k cases/48k deaths

Peru: 433k cases/19.8k deaths

Chile: 362k cases/9.7k deaths

Colombia: 327k cases/11k deaths

Iran: 314k cases/17.6k deaths

UnitedKingdom: 307k cases/46.2k deaths

Spain: 302k cases/28.4k deaths

SaudiArabia: 281k cases/2.9k deaths

Pakistan: 280k cases/5.9k deaths

Italy: 248k cases/35.1k deaths

Bangladesh: 244k cases/3.2k deaths

Turkey: 233k cases/5.7k deaths

France: 228k cases/30.2k deaths

Germany: 212k cases/9.1k deaths

Argentina: 206k cases/3.8k deaths

Countries w/ less than 200k cases: 168

Countries w/ less than 1k cases: 45

World total: 18.38m cases/696k deaths/10.97m recoveries



The Russian Health Ministry announced their plans for mass vaccination in October. According to Health Minister Mikhail Murashko the vaccine has completed clinical trials and will be free of charge when provided. Okinawa has declared a state of emergency for two weeks after an "explosive spread" in new cases. The capital of New Guinea, Port Moresby, has been ordered into lockdown for two weeks after a recent spike in cases as well. Lastly, National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien tested positive on July 27th.

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