COVID-19 Numbers & News 0145EST 04/15/2020

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Here are the COVID-19 numbers as of the time and date posted above:
UnitedStates: 609k cases/26k deaths
Spain: 174k cases/18.2k deaths
Italy: 162k cases/21k deaths
Germany: 132k cases/3.4k deaths                    France: 131k cases/15.7k deaths
UK: 94.8k cases/12.1k deaths
China: 83.3k cases/3.3k
Iran: 74.8k cases/4.6k deaths
Turkey: 65.1k cases/1.4k deaths
Belgium: 31.1k cases/4.1k deaths
Netherlands: 27.5k cases/2.9k deaths
Canada: 27k cases/903 deaths
Switzerland: 25.9k cases/1.1k deaths
Brazil: 25.6k cases/1.5k deaths
Russia: 21.1k cases/170 deaths
Portugal: 17.4k cases/567 deaths
Austria: 14.2k cases/384 deaths
Israel: 12k cases/123 deaths
India: 11.4k cases/393 deaths
Ireland: 11.4k cases/406 deaths
Sweden: 11.4k cases/1k deaths
Countries w/ <11,000 cases: 166
Countries w/ <100 cases: 63
World total: 1.98m cases/126k deaths/487k recovered

News: Experts are fearing the Japan may become a hotspot for the virus. The country has taken very few measures to combat the spread of the virus and a health ministry projection showed that the lack of mitigating measures could lead to 400,000 deaths in the nation. Keep in mind that Japan does have the oldest population on average in the world. 

US President Donald Trump has halted funding for the WHO after the UN sub-organization failed to act before the virus went global. The WHO has also been peddling propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party since mid-January. 

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Have a good one.                                                  -Brodie, Analyze & Educate 

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