COVID-19 Numbers & News 02:25EST 04/23/2020

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United States: 842k cases/46.7k deaths
Spain: 208k cases/21.7k deaths
Italy: 187k cases/25k deaths
France: 157k cases/21.3k deaths
Germany: 150k cases/5.3k deaths
UK: 134k cases/18.1k deaths
Turkey: 98.6k cases/2.3k deaths
Iran: 85.9k cases/5.3k deaths
China: 83.8k cases/4.6k deaths
Russia: 57.9k cases/513 deaths
Brazil: 46.1k cases/2.9k deaths
Belgium: 41.8k cases/6.2k deaths
Canada: 41.6k cases/2k deaths
Netherlands: 35k cases/4k deaths
Switzerland: 28.2k cases/1.5k deaths
Portugal: 21.9k cases/785 deaths
India: 21.7k cases/681 deaths
Peru: 19.2k cases/530 deaths
Ireland: 16.6k cases/769 deaths
Sweden: 16k cases/1.9k deaths
Countries w/ <15,000 cases: 167
Countries w/ <100 cases: 54
World total: 2.62m cases/183k deaths/713k recovered


South Korea said it has found patients testing positive post-recovery. The country said more than 180 cases have been found among those that had already contracted and recovered from the virus. On the bright side, they appeared to be barely infectious as that hadn't yet infected anyone else.

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