COVID-19 Numbers & News 2020EST 04/15/2020

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Here are the COVID-19 numbers for the date and time posted above:
United States: 636k cases/28.2k deaths
Spain: 177k cases/18.7k deaths
Italy: 165k cases/21.6k deaths
Germany: 134k cases/3.8k deaths
France: 134k cases/17.1k deaths
UK: 99.4k cases/12.8k deaths
China: 83.3k cases/3.3k
Iran: 76.3k cases/4.7k deaths
Turkey: 69.3k cases/1.5k deaths
Belgium: 33.5k cases/4.4k deaths
Brazil: 28.3k cases/1.7k deaths
Netherlands: 28.3k cases/3.1k deaths 
Canada: 28.2k cases/1k deaths
Switzerland: 26.3k cases/1.2k deaths
Russia: 24.4k cases/198 deaths
Portugal: 18k cases/599 deaths
Austria: 14.3k cases/384 deaths
Ireland: 12.5k cases/444 deaths
Israel: 12.5k cases/130 deaths
India: 12.3k cases/405 deaths
Sweden: 11.9k cases/1.2k deaths
Peru: 11.4k cases/254 deaths
Countries w/ <11,000 cases: 165
Countries w/ <100 cases: 61
World total: 2.05m cases/134k deaths/511k recovered
The virus is continuing to affect the world's military's. Spain has pulled its roughly 280 troops from Mali after several contract the virus. The troops were part of an EU training mission in the country. The EU mission in Mali already has 7 confirmed cases of the virus. Spain has also pulled back 200 troops from Iraq and 30 from Afghanistan for the same reason. About a third, 668 sailors, of France's flagship aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle have tested positive for the virus. The carrier and its battle group have returned to France early due to the outbreak on the ship.
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