COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 01:45EST 06/03/2020

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United States: 1.81m cases/106k deaths
Brazil: 555k cases/31.9k deaths
Russia: 423k cases/5k deaths
United Kingdom: 279k cases/39.4k deaths
Spain: 239k cases/27.1k deaths
Italy: 233k cases/33.5k deaths
India: 207k cases/5.8k deaths
France: 188k cases/28.9k deaths
Germany: 183k cases/8.5k deaths
Peru: 170k cases/4.6k deaths
Turkey: 165k cases/4.5k deaths
Iran: 157k cases/7.9k deaths
Chile: 108k cases/1.1k deaths
Mexico: 97.3k cases/10.6k deaths
Canada: 93.9k cases/7.4k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 89k cases/549 deaths
China: 84.1k cases/4.6k deaths
Pakistan: 80.4k cases/1.6k deaths
Qatar: 60.2k cases/43 deaths
Belgium: 58.6k cases/9.5k deaths
Countries w/ <55,000 cases: 168
Countries w/ <200 cases: 36
World total: 6.38m cases/380k deaths/2.73m recovered


Armenia's Prime Minister has tested positive for the virus. India has approved the use of remdesivir to treat urgent patients. India is the second nation to approve the drug for COVID treatment.

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