COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 05/05/2020

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United States: 1.19m cases/70.8k deaths
Spain: 218k cases/25.6k deaths
Italy: 213k cases/29.3k deaths
United Kingdom: 196k cases/29.5k deaths
France: 169k cases/25.5k deaths
Germany: 166k cases/6.9k deaths
Russia: 155k cases/1.4k deaths
Turkey: 129k cases/3.5k deaths
Brazil: 110k cases/7.4k deaths
Iran: 99.9k cases/6.3k deaths
China: 83.9k cases/4.6k deaths
Canada: 62.9k cases/4.1k deaths
Peru: 51.1k cases/1.4k deaths
Belgium: 50.5k cases/8k deaths
India: 49.4k cases/1.6k deaths
Netherlands: 41.2k cases/5.1k deaths
Ecuador: 31.8k cases/1.5k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 30.2k cases/200 deaths
Switzerland: 30k cases/1.7k deaths
Portugal: 25.7k cases/1k deaths
Countries w/ <25,000 cases: 167
Countries w/ <200 cases: 57
World total: 3.65m cases/256k deaths/1.19m recovered


Due to a loss in revenue, Airbnb will be laying off 25% of its workforce, which is about 1,900 employees. Situations like this are clearly not unique to Airbnb. Early last week it was reported that over 30 million Americans filed for unemployment within five weeks. Those are numbers that have never been seen before in history. I'm not sure what unemployment numbers are for this week, but they're probably up by a few million at least.

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