COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 15:53EST 05/19/2020

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United States: 1.52m cases/91.3k deaths
Russia: 299k cases/2.8k deaths
Brazil: 262k cases/17.5k deaths
United Kingdom: 250k cases/35.4k deaths
Spain: 232k cases/27.7k deaths
Italy: 226k cases/32.1k deaths
France: 181k cases/28.2k deaths
Germany: 177k cases/8k deaths
Turkey: 151k cases/4.1k deaths
Iran: 124k cases/7.1k deaths
India: 106k cases/3.3k deaths
Peru: 94.9k cases/2.7k deaths
China: 84k cases/4.6k deaths
Canada: 80k cases/6k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 59.8k cases/329 deaths
Belgium: 55.7k cases/9.1k deaths
Mexico: 51.6k cases/5.3k deaths
Chile: 49.5k cases/509 deaths
Netherlands: 44.4k cases/5.7k deaths
Pakistan: 43.9k cases/939 deaths
Countries w/ <40,000 cases: 168
Countries w/ <200 cases: 43
World total: 4.86m cases/321k deaths/1.66m recovered


The Congressional Budget Office is predicting a 30% decline in GDP for Q2. Along with 26 million fewer people employed than Q4 of last year. By no means am I an economist but I wouldn't expect things to get back to normal too quickly after this pandemic is over. The primary and secondary effects of this virus will likely be long lasting. President Trump just signed an executive order "instructing federal agencies to use any and all authority to waive, suspend and eliminate unnecessary regulations that impede economic recovery."

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