COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 16:43EST 05/07/2020

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United States: 1.24m cases/75k deaths
Spain: 220k cases/25.8k deaths
Italy: 215k cases/29.9k deaths
United Kingdom: 207k cases/30.6k deaths
Russia: 177k cases/1.6k deaths
France: 174k cases/25.8k deaths
Germany: 169k cases/7.3k deaths
Turkey: 133k cases/3.6k deaths
Brazil: 127k cases/8.6k deaths
Iran: 103k cases/6.4k deaths
China: 83.9k cases/4.6k deaths
Canada: 65.7k cases/4.5k deaths
India: 56.3k cases/1.8k deaths
Peru: 54.8k cases/1.5k deaths
Belgium: 51.4k cases/8.4k deaths
Netherlands: 41.9k cases/5.3k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 33.7k cases/219deaths
Ecuador: 30.2k cases/1.6k deaths
Switzerland: 30.1k cases/1.8k deaths
Mexico: 27.6k cases/2.7k deaths
Portugal: 26.7k cases/1.1k deaths
Countries w/ <25,000 cases: 166
Countries w/ <200 cases: 55
World total: 3.81m cases/267k deaths/1.26m recovered


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