COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 17:05EST 04/17/2020

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United States: 684k cases/34.6k deaths
Spain: 188k cases/19.6k deaths
Italy: 172k cases/22.7k deaths
France: 147k cases/18.7k deaths
Germany: 139k cases/4.2k deaths
UK: 109k cases/14.6k deaths
China: 83.7k cases/4.6k deaths
Iran: 79.4k cases/4.9k deaths
Turkey: 78.5k cases/1.7k deaths
Belgium: 36.1k cases/5.1k deaths
Brazil: 33.6k cases/2.1k deaths
Canada: 32.1k cases/1.3k deaths
Russia: 32k cases/273 deaths
Netherlands: 30.6k cases/3.4k deaths
Switzerland: 27k cases/1.3k deaths
Portugal: 19k cases/657 deaths
Austria: 14.5k cases/410 deaths
Ireland: 13.9k cases/530 deaths
India: 13.8k cases/452 deaths
Peru: 13.4k cases/300 deaths
Sweden: 13.2k cases/1.4k deaths
Israel: 12.9k cases/151 deaths
Countries w/ <12,000 cases: 165
Countries w/ <100 cases: 59
World total: 2.21m cases/151k deaths/565k recovered


The Chinese govt has revised its death toll by an entire 50% . It justified adding another ~1,500 deaths by saying with the outbreak in the country mostly contained they now have time to double check statistics. People around the world have been skeptical of data coming out of China since the beginning of the pandemic. The United States has tested over 3,423,000 people. For context, let's assume the US population is exactly 330 million people. That would mean roughly 1.03% of the US has been tested. At least 1,081 sailors have tested positive on France's aircraft carrier the Charles de Gaulle. This is up from the figure of less than 700 that we reported on a couple of days ago.

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