COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 17:15EST 05/25/2020.

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United States: 1.65m cases/97.9k deaths
Brazil: 363k cases/22.6k deaths
Russia: 353k cases/3.6k deaths
United Kingdom: 262k cases/36.9k deaths
Spain: 235k cases/26.8k deaths
Italy: 230k cases/32.8k deaths
France: 183k cases/28.4k deaths
Germany: 180k cases/8.3k deaths
Turkey: 157k cases/4.3k deaths
India: 144k cases/4.1k deaths
Iran: 137k cases/7.4k deaths
Peru: 119k cases/3.4k deaths
Canada: 86.2k cases/6.5k deaths
China: 84k cases/4.6k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 74.7k cases/379 deaths
Chile: 73.9k cases/761 deaths
Mexico: 68.6k cases/7.3k deaths
Belgium: 57.3k cases/9.3k deaths
Pakistan: 56.3k cases/1.1k deaths
Netherlands: 45.6k cases/5.8k deaths
Qatar: 45.4k cases/26 deaths
Countries w/ <45,000 cases: 167
Countries w/ <200 cases: 39
World total: 5.46m cases/344k deaths/2.19m recovered


President Trump has issued a travel ban for Brazil. The country is second in confirmed cases, behind the US. National security adviser Robert O'Brien has accused Beijing of lying to the WHO about knowledge of the virus since last November. Rhetoric between the US and Chinese governments has been steadily heating up since the virus went global. Lastly, the WHO has suspended its trial of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the virus, citing "safety concerns".

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