COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 18:46EST 04/18/2020

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United States: 726k cases/37.9k deaths
Spain: 191k cases/20k deaths
Italy: 175k cases/23.2k deaths
France: 149k cases/19.3k deaths
Germany: 143k cases/4.4k deaths
UK: 115k cases/15.4k deaths
China: 83.7k cases/4.6k deaths
Turkey: 82.3k cases/1.8k deaths
Iran: 80.8k cases/5k deaths
Belgium: 37.1k cases/5.4k deaths
Russia: 36.7k cases/313 deaths
Brazil: 36.5k cases/2.3k deaths
Canada: 33.6k cases/1.3k deaths
Netherlands: 31.7k cases/3.6k deaths
Switzerland: 27.4k cases/1.3k deaths
Portugal: 19.6k cases/687 deaths
India: 15.7k cases/521 deaths
Ireland: 14.7k cases/571 deaths
Austria: 14.6k cases/443 deaths
Peru: 14.4k cases/348 deaths
Sweden: 13.8k cases/1.5k deaths
Israel: 13.2k cases/164 deaths
Countries w/ <13,000 cases: 165
Countries w/ <100 cases: 57
World total: 2.31m cases/158k deaths/590k recovered


Japan, which is now seeing a surge in cases, is scrambling to expand testing capabilities. I don't mean to sound like a Monday morning quarterback, but the country should've been preparing for a significant outbreak months ago. Nigeria's Chief of Staff to the President Abba Kyari has died from the virus. He is the highest profile figure to have died in the country, which has 493 cases and 17 deaths. Taiwan has quarantine 700 sailors after the Taiwanese Navy recently reported 3 cases of virus. The 700 sailors were on board a total of three ships that had recently returned from the island nation of Palau. These sailors are the first confirmed cases within the Taiwanese military.

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