COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 19:25EST 04/20/2020

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United States: 782k cases/41.8k deaths
Spain: 200k cases/20.8k deaths
Italy: 181k cases/24.1k deaths
France: 156k cases/20.2k deaths
Germany: 146k cases/4.7k deaths
UK: 125k cases/16.5k deaths
Turkey: 90.9k cases/2.1k deaths
China: 83.8k cases/4.6k deaths
Iran: 83.5k cases/5.2k deaths
Russia: 47.1k cases/405 deaths
Brazil: 40.5k cases/2.8k deaths
Belgium: 39.9k cases/5.8k deaths
Canada: 37.5k cases/1.7k deaths
Netherlands: 33.5k cases/3.7k deaths
Switzerland: 27.9k cases/1.4k deaths
Portugal: 20.8k cases/735 deaths
India: 18.5k cases/592 deaths
Peru: 16.3k cases/445 deaths
Ireland: 15.6k cases/687 deaths
Austria: 14.7k cases/470 deaths
Sweden: 14.7k cases/1.5k deaths
Countries w/ <14,000 cases: 167
Countries w/ <100 cases: 56
World total: 2.47m cases/169k deaths/645k recovered


States in the US are going thru various stages of planning on the easing of shelter in place restrictions. Georgia's Governor announced he will allow the shelter in place order to expire on April 30th. New Zealand's PM announced that she will move the country out of lockdown on April 27th. WTI crude oil fell almost 300% today on the market. Crude oil is now going for less than -$35.00 a barrel; yes, you read that correctly. This has never happened before in history. Due to the lack of demand because of the virus and other factors oil companies are running out of room to store their product. In reponse, President Trump said 75 million barrels of oil will be placed into the national reserve. It's not entirely clear what the consequences of this will be; but the oil industry employees millions and people are already starting to lose their jobs. For some more context, over 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past month. This will undoubtedly make the situation worse.

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