COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 19:39EST 05/02/2020

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United States: 1.12m cases/66k deaths
Spain: 213k cases/25.1k deaths
Italy: 209k cases/28.7k deaths
United Kingdom: 183k cases/28.1k deaths
France: 167k cases/24.7k deaths
Germany: 164k cases/6.8k deaths
Turkey: 124k cases/3.3k deaths
Russia: 124k cases/1.2k deaths
Iran: 96.4k cases/6.1k deaths
Brazil: 92.8k cases/6.7k deaths
China: 83.9k cases/4.6k deaths
Canada: 57.6k cases/3.6k deaths
Belgium: 49.5k cases/7.7k deaths
Peru: 42.5k cases/1.2k deaths
Netherlands: 40.4k cases/5k deaths
India: 39.6k cases/1.3k deaths
Switzerland: 29.8k cases/1.7k deaths
Ecuador: 27.4k cases/1.3k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 25.4k cases/176 deaths
Portugal: 25.1k cases/1k deaths
Sweden: 22k cases/2.6k deaths
Ireland: 21.1k cases/1.2k deaths
Mexico: 20.7k cases/1.9k deaths
Countries w/ <20,000 cases: 164
Countries w/ <200 cases: 59
World total: 3.4m cases/243k deaths/1.08m recovered

News:                                                                  The President of Palau, Thomas Remengesau Jr., condemned the World Health Organization for excluding Taiwan, saying it "endangers, not only Taiwanese people, but people everywhere". There has been much controversy over the WHO refusing to acknowledge Taiwan as anything other than a province of the People's Republic of China. Evidence has shown that Taiwan reported instances of human-to-human transmission of COVID-19 just days before WHO leadership assured the global community that such transmission had not been found. Human-to-human transmission may have been seen in Taiwan as early as December. Since Taiwan is not given membership or even observer status in the UN sub-organization it is unable to receive the types of assistance or advice that the WHO provides to the rest of the world.

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