COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 1920EST 04/16/2020

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Here are the COVID-19 for the date and time stated above:
United States: 658k cases/32.1k deaths
Spain: 182k cases/19.1k deaths
Italy: 168k cases/22.1k deaths
France: 147k cases/17.9k deaths
Germany: 136k cases/3.9k deaths
UK: 104k cases/13.7k deaths
China: 83.4k cases/3.3k deaths
Iran: 77.9k cases/4.8k deaths
Turkey: 74.1k cases/1.6k deaths
Belgium: 34.8k cases/4.8k deaths
Canada: 30.7k cases/1.2k deaths
Brazil: 30.4k cases/1.9k deaths
Netherlands: 29.3k cases/3.3k deaths
Russia: 27.9k cases/232 deaths
Switzerland: 26.7 cases/1.2k deaths
Portugal: 18.8k cases/629 deaths
Austria: 14.4k cases/410 deaths
Ireland: 13.2k cases/486 deaths
Israel: 12.7k cases/142 deaths
India: 12.3k cases/423 deaths
Sweden: 12.5k cases/1.3k deaths
Peru: 12.4k cases/274 deaths
Countries w/ <11,000 cases: 165
Countries w/ <100 cases: 61
World total: 2.15m cases/143k deaths/541k recovered

Japan declared a nationwide state of emergency after the nation started seeing decent increases of infections. US intel officials believe the virus likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory. Keep in mind that the only two Level 4 laboratories that study viruses and diseases are both in Wuhan.
Tablighi Jamaat leader Muhammad Saad Kandhlwai was charged with manslaughter after a gathering his organization held was linked to 1,200 cases in 17 Indian states. Tablighi Jamaat is an Islamc missionary movement that encourages Muslims to practice the religion as envisioned by the prophet Muhammad. Authorities say that Kandhlwai ignored two orders to suspend the gathering.

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