COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 21:15EST 05/13/2020

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United States: 1.38m cases/84k deaths
Russia: 242k cases/2.2k deaths
United Kingdom: 230k cases/33.2k deaths
Spain: 228k cases/27k deaths
Italy: 222k cases/31.1k deaths
Brazil: 189k cases/13.1k deaths
France: 178k cases/27k deaths
Germany: 174k cases/7.8k deaths
Turkey: 143k cases/3.9k deaths
Iran: 112k cases/6.7k deaths
China: 84k cases/4.6k deaths
India: 78k cases/2.5k deaths
Peru: 76.3k cases/2.1k deaths
Canada: 73.5k cases/5.4k deaths
Belgium: 53.9k cases/8.8k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 44.8k cases/273 deaths
Netherlands: 43.1k cases/5.5k deaths
Mexico: 38.3k cases/3.9k deaths
Pakistan: 35.2k cases/761 deaths
Chile: 34.3k cases/346 deaths
Ecuador: 30.4k cases/2.3k deaths
Switzerland: 30.4k cases/1.8k deaths
Countries w/ <30,000 cases: 166
Countries w/ <200 cases: 46
World total: 4.34m cases/296k deaths/1.54m recovered


The FBI issued warnings to organizations that are studying COVID-19 that their vaccine research could be a prime target for Chinese hackers. British intelligence also warned organizations within their country of the same. Wisconsin's Supreme Court ruled today that the state's governor overstepped authority with an extension of the stay-at-home order. It's not yet clear how the state will move forward after the ruling. Other the other hand, Mayland's Governor Larry Hogan said that the state's shelter-in-place order will be lifted on 05/15 at 17:00. This is in response to the state achieving a 14-day trend of declining numbers, according to him. California State University campuses will remain closed thru the Fall semester, affecting 23 campuses. Poland has extended its ban on foreigners entering the country until 06/12. Lastly, the African nation of Lesotho has reported its first case of the virus, bringing the pandemic to 188 countries.

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