COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 22:50EST 04/27/2020

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United States: 987k cases/56.1k deaths
Spain: 229k cases/23.5k deaths
Italy: 199k cases/26.9k deaths
France: 165k cases/23.2k deaths
Germany: 158k cases/6.1k deaths
United Kingdom: 158k cases/21k deaths
Turkey: 112k cases/2.9k deaths
Iran: 91.4k cases/5.8k deaths
Russia: 87.1k cases/794
China: 83.9k cases/4.6k deaths
Brazil: 66.5k cases/4.5k deaths
Canada: 49.6k cases/2.8k deaths
Belgium: 46.6k cases/7.2k deaths
Netherlands: 38.4k cases/4.5k deaths
India: 29.4k cases/939 deaths
Switzerland: 29.1k cases/1.6k deaths
Peru: 28.6k cases/782 deaths
Portugal: 24k cases/928 deaths
Ecuador: 23.2k cases/663
Ireland: 19.6k cases/1.1k deaths
Sweden: 18.9k cases/2.2k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 18.1k cases/144 deaths
Israel: 15.5k cases/204 deaths
Austria: 15.2k cases/549 deaths
Countries w/ <15,000 cases: 161
Countries w/ <100 cases: 50
World total: 3.03m cases/211k deaths/892k recovered


Today, President Trump said the White House is conducting investigations into China's mishandling of the pandemic. He claimed that China could have stopped the virus before it reached across the globe and that he is not happy with the country. Texas' stay at home order is set to expire on Friday. Lastly, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is back to work after recovering from the virus.

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