COVID-19 Numbers & News as of 22:58EST 05/11/2020

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United States: 1.34m cases/80.3k deaths
Spain: 227k cases/26.7k deaths
United Kingdom: 224k cases/32.1k deaths
Russia: 221k cases/2k deaths
Italy: 219k cases/30.7k deaths
France: 177k cases/26.6k deaths
Germany: 172k cases/7.6k deaths
Brazil: 169k cases/11.6k deaths
Turkey: 139k cases/3.8k deaths
Iran: 109k cases/6.6k deaths
China: 84k cases/4.6k deaths
Canada: 71.2k cases/5.1k deaths
India: 70.7k cases/2.2k deaths
Peru: 68.8k cases/1.9k deaths
Belgium: 53.4k cases/8.7k deaths
Netherlands: 42.9k cases/5.4k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 41k cases/255 deaths
Mexico: 36.3k cases/3.5k deaths
Pakistan: 30.9k cases/667 deaths
Switzerland: 30.3k cases/1.8k deaths
Chile: 30k cases/323 deaths
Countries w/ <30,000 cases: 166
Countries w/ <200 cases: 49
World total: 4.17m cases/285k deaths/1.45m recovered


VP Mike Pence is now self-isolating after one of his aides tested positive for the virus. At this moment the VP has not tested positive himself. A new White House memo has been released requiring anyone entering the West Wing to wear a mask. This is in reponse to "close calls" to the president. Thousands of visitors came to Disneyland Shanghai today after the park had been closed for three months. It is the first Disney park to reopen in the midst of the pandemic. Major League Baseball owners approved a proposal to begin the season in July, without fans in the stadiums. The players' union is set to weigh in on the proposal before any plan becomes final. Fears of a second wave are starting to appear in China. The virus' epicenter, Wuhan, and the north-eastern Jilin Province both reported small clusters today. These are the first cases in Jilin since April 3rd and Wuhan confirmed the city's highest daily toll, 5, since March 11th. Fears of a second wave are also present in South Korea. The country reported 35 new cases today, 29 of them local transmissions.

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