COVID-19 Numbers & News for 07/06/2020

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United States: 2.93m cases/130k deaths
Brazil: 1.62m cases/65.4k deaths
India: 697k cases/19.6k deaths
Russia: 686k cases/10.2k deaths
Peru: 305k cases/10.7k deaths
Chile: 298k cases/6.3k deaths
United Kingdom: 287k cases/44.3k deaths
Mexico: 261k cases/31.k deaths
Spain: 251k cases/28.3k deaths
Iran: 243k cases/11.7k deaths
Italy: 241k cases/34.8k deaths
Pakistan: 231k cases/4.7k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 213k cases/1.9k deaths
Turkey: 206k cases/5.2k deaths
South Africa: 205k cases/3.3k deaths
France: 205k deaths/29.9k deaths
Germany: 198k cases/9k deaths
Bangladesh: 165k cases/2k deaths
Colombia: 117k cases/4.3k deaths
Canada: 107k cases/8.7k deaths
Qatar: 100k cases/133 deaths
Countries w/ <100,000 cases: 167
Countries w/ <1,000 cases: 55
World total: 11.59m cases/537k deaths/6.27m recovered


California's State Assembly has postponed its session until further notice due to one lawmaker and four others working inside the Capitol testing positive. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said she recently tested positive for the virus. Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has started to show symptoms of the virus. He was tested today and is awaiting results. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has tested positive as well. Lastly, the EU has approved the use of the drug remdesivir as a treatment for the virus. This comes after the US and India approved the drug for use.

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