COVID-19 Numbers & News for 07/13/2020

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United States: 3.36m cases/135k deaths
Brazil: 1.88m cases/72.8k deaths
India: 878k cases/23.1k deaths
Russia: 732k cases/11.4k deaths
Peru: 330k cases/12k deaths
Chile: 317k cases/7k deaths
Mexico: 304k cases/35.4k deaths
United Kingdom: 291k cases/44.9k deaths
South Africa: 287k cases/4.1k deaths
Iran: 259k cases/13k deaths
Spain: 255k cases/28.4k deaths
Pakistan: 251k cases/5.2k deaths
Italy: 243k cases/34.9k deaths
Saudi Arabia: 235k cases/2.2k deaths
Turkey: 214k cases/5.3k deaths
France: 209k deaths/30k deaths
Germany: 200k cases/9k deaths
Bangladesh: 186k cases/2.3k deaths
Colombia: 150k cases/5.6k deaths
Canada: 109k cases/8.8k deaths
Qatar: 104k cases/149 deaths
Argentina: 103k cases/1.9k
Countries w/ <100,000 cases: 166
Countries w/ <1,000 cases: 50
World total: 13.07m cases/572k deaths/7.22m recovered


India has extended the lockdown of the city of Agra for an unknown amount of time. The city is inhabited by well over 1.5m people. The Australian states of Victoria and New South Wales recently closed their border due to a surge in cases. This is the first time those states have done so since the Spanish Flu pandemic. Lastly, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro officially tested positive for the virus.

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