Ex-Green Beret arrested in extraction of Carlos Ghosn

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     What a month for Green Berets. First, with the failed coup led by two former Green Berets Luke Denman and Airan Berry in Venezuela and now Michael Taylor.

     Taylor and his son Peter were arrested on warrants issued by Japanese prosecutors via U.S. Marshals in Massachusetts for allegedly sneaking Carlos Ghosn out of Japan in late December.

    Michael Taylor was a former Green Beret who currently works as a private security contactor. Before working for Mr. Ghosn, Michael Taylor was known for being hired by the New York Times to assist in the extraction of David Rohde a writer who was abducted by the Taliban in 2008. Taylor also had key connections in Lebanon (Ghosn’s home country) from his time serving there in the 1980s.

     His principal Former Nissan Executive Carlos Ghosn was being detained in Japan while awaiting trial on charges of under-reporting earnings, breach of trust and misappropriation of company funds, all of which he denies.

     Taylor’s son, Peter was shown to have traveled to Japan at least three times. The first time was in July 2019, then again in August and finally in early December, the month of the escape, according to the federal complaint.

     On the day of the escape, Michael Taylor, Peter Taylor and a third man, George Antoine Zayek, arrived at Kansai International Airport in Japan on a private jet. They brought with them two large black boxes that looked like they were for sound equipment, telling airport workers they were both musicians. They later checked into the Star Gate Hotel close to Kansai Airport and brought the large boxes with them. Ghosn allegedly was stuffed inside one of the boxes and taken to Turkey and then Lebanon where

           According to the Wall Street Journal both Taylors face approximately four years in Japanese prison due to their role in the extraction.

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