Former Officer Derek Chauvin Placed into Custody as Protests Continued Overnight

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UPDATE, 11:08PST: It was just announced that Derek Chauvin has been charged with 3rd Degree Murder. Authorities are still reviewing the case to determine if additional charges should be placed on Chauvin.
Riots and protests in relation to the death of George Floyd have entered their third day. Riots in Minneapolis have spilled over to St. Paul. Protests also broke out in Louisville. Columbus, Memphis, Denver, Phoenix, and New York City.
In Minneapolis last night, firefighters and law enforcement were ordered to stand down as mass looting and arson took over the city. The city's 3rd Police Precinct station was burned down as rioters surrounded and breached the building. All officers in the building were evacuated prior. Minnesota's National Guard has been activated in response to the riots. +500 Guardsmen have been deployed to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The Guard and Minnesota State Patrol have taken the lead on securing the city. The National Guard was tasked with securing the State Capitol and other government facilities in the Twin Cities area. They were also tasked with escorting the Minneapolis Fire Department into unsecured areas.  Dozens of businesses were set on fire last night and around 170 businesses were looted. Retail giant Target has announced the closure of two dozen stores in the Twin Cities area. This is due to the mass looting of Target stores in the cities. This morning a CNN camera crew was arrested by the State Patrol while reporting live from the scene of the riots. No reason was given for the arrest and they were released after intervention from Governor Tim Walz.
In Louisville, protests over the death Breonna Taylor turned into chaos after gunshots were fired in the area. At least seven people were shot and one is in critical condition.
Protests in downtown Columbus escalated after the state house was breached. SWAT teams were dispatched to secure the area and arrest any protesters that refused to leave the area.
In Memphis, protests for the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery led to confrontation with police.
In Denver, protesters marched at the State Capitol and blocked traffic on the Interstate 25. Gunshots fired from a park across from the Capitol sent protesters running for cover. It's not believed that anyone was injured by the gunfire.
In Phoenix, hundreds of protesters were driven back by police with tear gas after police declared the protest an "unlawful assembly".
In New York, at least 40 protesters were arrested at Union Square after clashing with police.
Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was just placed into custody. Chauvin was the officer directly responsible for the death of Floyd. He was one of four officers involved in and fired due to the incident. It's not yet known what charges he will face.
Governor Walz said that his administration has a plan to keep the riots from reoccurring for a fourth night. We'll see if that plan is successful.
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