ISIS Affiliate Ambushes Philippine Army on a Remote Southern Island

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On Friday, Abu Sayyaf ambushed a unit of Filipino soldiers reportedly assigned to Joint Task Force-Sulu, killing 11 and wounded 14 others. Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) is one of four Islamist groups in the Philippines that have sworn allegiance to ISIS. The groups now function as ISIS-East Asia Province. The attack occurred on a remote island in the southern Sulu Province. The ambush is ASG's deadliest attack since two suicide bombers attacked a Catholic cathedral in the country last year, killing 21. Reports started coming in a couple hours ago of an operation by JTF-Sulu to avenge Friday's ambush. The reports say that the soldiers received a tip from the local populace and tracked down two ASG fighters. In the firefight that followed, a man referred to only as Vikram was killed. Vikram is supposedly the grandson of Radullan Shairon, the leader of ASG. Vikram is accused of being an explosives maker, involved with last year's cathedral bombing, a suicide bombing that targeted the Philippine Army's 1st Brigade Combat Team, and an encounter with the 21st Infantry Battalion. The reports came from GMA News, a news media entity in the Philippines.  I will say I am not previously familiar with GMA and while the reports were supposedly confirmed by the army, I cannot corroborate the information.

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