Kim Jong-un Is Back In the Public Eye

Posted by Brodie Kirkpatrick on

Kim Jong-un is alive and well. North Korea's state owned news agency reported that Kim appeared at the opening of a fertilizer plant yesterday in the city of Sunchon. The news agency later released photos confirming Kim's attendance. Kim was last seen in public on April 11th and rumors speculating on his health began to surface on April 15th, after he missed celebrations for the nation's biggest holiday, Kim Il-sung's birthday. To sum up the rumors some stated he was incapacitated and others said he may have even died after undergoing heart surgery. It's not clear why he hadn't been seen in 20 days but that doesn't really matter anymore. If you want more information on those reports, we put out an article on this website last week.

We should have a weekly news round-up podcast going up either tomorrow or Monday. Until then stay tuned, stay safe, and have a good one,                                             Brodie


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