More Clashes Between the World's Two Most Populous Nations

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On Tuesday afternoon, clashes broke out between Indian and Chinese forces along the Line of Actual Control, separating the two countries. The clashes took place near the Ladakh region and the Tibet Autonomous Region, and were all physical in nature. Soldiers from both sides used stones and iron rods; no shots were fired. In the first clash three Indian soldiers were killed; two enlisted and one officer, that served as the commander of the 16th Bihar Regiment. Later in the day more clashes broke out in retaliation. According to Indian authorities 17 additional Indian soldiers were killed while around 45 Chinese soldiers were either killed or wounded. The Chinese government has acknowledged that its forces took casualties but would not give specifics. These are the first casualties between the two sides, that have fought multiple border wars before, since 1975. 

Of course both sides blame each other for provoking the clashes. It's important to note that Aksai Chin border sector on the Chinese side is strategically important because it is home to the only direct road that runs between Xinjiang and Tibet. India has been attempting to build a major road in the area, which has greatly angered Beijing. 

Both sides are attempting to calm the situation but it's likely past that point. Rather childish taunting from Chinese state-run media entity, the Global Times, isn't helping either. 

India's military has been placed on its highest alert status. Infantry units, fighter squadrons, and naval forces have all been deployed to forward positions in anticipation of further incidents. I'm sure the People's Liberation Army has taken similar steps as well. 

These clashes follow a string of border clashes that have taken place since May 5th of this year. We covered a clash on May 12th that led to five Indian and seven Chiense soldiers being injured. As of right now it seems that the tensions will not die down. We'll be keeping an eye out for any further events in the area. 

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