Operation Gideon Has Failed Miserably

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We have some more information on Operation Gideon, the failed coup attempt to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro that began on May 3rd. At this moment, what ever fighting that did occur appears to have ended. Among the Venezuelan dissidents, led by American private military contractors, anywhere from 8 to 13 fighters were captured and 6 were killed. The claims that two of those prisoners are American have been confirmed. Luke Denman and Airan Berry, both former Green Berets and Silvercorp USA employees, are currently being held by the Venezuelan government. President Maduro  recently showed their state and Silvercorp IDs, as well as passports, on a state broadcast. A video was released of Denman's questioning where he confirms the involvement of Silvercorp founder Jordan Goudreau and his unit's main objective. He stated that this unit was tasked with securing Maiquetia International Airport, 13 miles from downtown Caracas, in order to fly Maduro out of the country to the United States. Maduro was recently charged with drug trafficking by the US Department of Justice and a $15 million has been placed on him. Also among the captured is Adolfo Baduel, the son of General Raul Isaias Baduel, former Venezuelan Defense Minister under Hugo Chavez that is currently being held as a political prisoner.

In the aftermath of the operation's first stages, Jordan Goudreau stated that more fighters are waiting in safe houses along the country's coast and borders. He also claimed that his forces were receiving support from inside the country from people seeking to oppose the government. At this time that seems highly unlikely. Any momentum gained during the first waves of the assault his long been lost and any follow on raids will probably meet the same fate. Venezuela has mobilized 25,000 members of the National Guard to patrol the nation borders in case Gideon is still underway. There are rumors of a Guard unit having Russian special forces advisers attached to it, but that can't be confirmed right now. 

If you ask me it sounds like these guys watched a little too much Jack Ryan. Maybe things would have gone better if they had enlisted John Krasinski. We'll keep you guys up-to-date if any more information becomes available.

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