Shooting at LA County Fire Station Leaves Unanswered Questions

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Updated: 06/07/21 1700PST

On June 2nd, an active shooter situation was reported to county dispatchers at LA County Fire Station 81, Agua Dulce, CA at 10:53PST. LA County Sheriff’s Department’s Special Enforcement Bureau (SWAT equivalent) and Homicide Division responded to the scene at 11:18PST. By the time they arrived the suspect had already left the scene in a white 2014 Toyota Tacoma. Tory Carlon, a firefighter engineer, was killed. The 44-year old was veteran of the county fire department for over 20 years. Another firefighter, Captain Arnie Sandoval, was wounded but is expected to survive. The 54-year old Captain was a veteran of the fire department and the county sheriff's department as well.

A firefighter later determined to be the suspect was soon located by police 10.3 miles away from the station at 2652 Bent Spur Dr., Acton, CA. The home was set on fire by the suspect, Jonathan Patrick Tatone, and he was spotted by helicopters sitting inside an empty pool with a gunshot wound to the head, which killed him. County records show the home was owned by Tatone and he also worked at Fire Station 81 along with the two shooting victims.

The fire was eventually put out by water drops from LA County Fire helicopters and did not spread to brush outside of the property. It’s not 100% clear what the motive for this shooting was but officials said there was an ongoing work-related dispute between Tatone and Mr. Carlon,

Unfortunately this situation seems somewhat familiar. Last week a disgruntled employee with the Valley Transit Authority light rail yard in San Jose, CA opened fire on coworkers, killing nine people. That has gone down as the deadliest mass shooting in the San Francisco Bay Area’s history.  

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