Suicide Attack Rocks the Syrian City of Afrin

Posted by Brodie Kirkpatrick on

On Tuesday, an explosion rocked the city of Afrin in northwest Syria. A fully loaded fuel tanker targeted a popular market in the city's center in the middle of midday traffic. At least 42 were killed and 50 were injured; mostly civilians. It's not known who is behind the attack as no group has claimed responsibility. Turkey blamed the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) for the attack. Turkey took the city from the YPG in March 2018 during Operation Olive Branch. The YPG took over control of the city in 2012 after Syrian government forces withdrew as the Syrian Civil War began ramping up. The YPG has denied any involvement in Tuesday's attack. The group isn't known for suicide attacks or targeting civilians. Afrin has been the target of numerous insurgency-style attacks by multiple groups since falling into Turkish hands. Sadly, these types of attacks show no sign of slowing down in Afrin.

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