JTRP - Joint Tactical Radio Programming Guide

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All the data you will need for basic radio operations in conventional units!


Time zones, DTG (Date Time Group), and Regular/Leap Year Julian Date Calendar


The Harris AN/PRC-117F(C) multiband, multimission radio is an advanced software-defined radio covering the entire 30–512 MHz frequency spectrum using military standard voice and data waveforms, ensuring interoperability with a wide range of equipment.

Integrated Waveform Operations Tasks, Load COMSEC with common fill devices,  Load COMSEC using AN/CYZ-10, OTAR process.

AN/PRC-117G (Falcon III) manpack networking radio.

Initial Operator Procedure,  Loading Comsec fill data, Vulos comsec keys, Loading SCM comsec keys, loading HPW comsec keys,  loading SINCGARS comsec and transec data, Line-of-sight (voice), Satcom (voice), Vulos situational awareness (LOS and SAT), Initial radio setup for HPW operations, Loading radio with comsec key for HPW operation (SKL) (TKL), LOS HPW operations (PPP cable), Programming HPW software for HPW operations, dedicated satcom (HPW) 25k, 5k, SCM config, Program preset SCM, Operate SCM waveform, IW, Loading keymat and transec with PYQ-10/SKL, Sincgars programming, Los situational awareness-trans/receive, CPA mission plan, ANW2.


General Data including modes of operations, channel presets, power output, range, SCPT loading procedures, Net IDs, Manual Time Loading, and zeroize procedures.

AN/PRC-148 Radio

Quick guide to the basic operations of the PRC-148, Basic data, SCPT loading data, Net IDs, manual time loading, zeroize, wideband LOS, SINCGARS ops, and SATCOM operations.

AN/PRC-150 Radio

Quick guide to the basic operations of the PRC-150, Adjustment of backlight & contrast, operating mode selection squelch transmit power,  VSWR test, battery level check, encryption, data ANDVT-BD, data PDA-184, presets, ALE programming, LQA.

AN/PRC-152X Radio

Quick guide to the operations of the AN/PRC-152, General information, Controls, indicators, and connectors. Set-up, load channel (vulos), Channel preset, Channel comsec, AN/CYZ-10 data load, receive OTAR, receive ERF, Loading vulos, ,scm, hpw, comsec keys. Line of sight vulos, Satcom, Situational awareness.


Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR). Basic operations, Modes of operations, Selecting datum, Selecting coordinate/grid system, Crypto key via KYK-13, navigation, Receiver setup, Display setup, GPS basic operations.

KIK 11 (TKL)

Set time/date, single key database entry and key slot (Quick load), load keys from data base into QL slot, and SINCGARS loadset/linking.


Stylus calibration, timeout/backlight set, date/time, send/receive single key using SKL, send/receive complete data base using SKL, deleting key, add equipment, and assign key tags.

Pages: 61

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Ryan Belanger

I hope you get more Thuls.

Hi, Ryan!

They are a great tool! Thanks for the five star review.


Excellent tool to use to jog your memory, on forgotten systems and applications.


Thank you for providing your feedback. We are happy to hear that the JTRP has been helpful.

Field must

We don’t have any dedicated comms guys in my unit, so setting up radios for the field is basically a lot of sad grunt noises when they go down, this streamlines our process and breaks it down Barney style, it’s awesome.

Hi, Josey!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a five star review. We are glad to hear that the THULS you purchased has been useful. Cheers!

Nesi Ordo

Comes in handy if you forget some parts of the programing process.

Hi, Nesi!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a five star review. Cheers!

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