Scout Sniper Operations Manual

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NEW FOR 2020:


MK13, M40A6, M107, and the M110

34 PAGES Include: Gen 2 Xl Mil Dot Reticle, Tremor3 Reticle, Angle Corrected Range (Distance | Degrees), Mils Range Estimation (Meters | Inches) Human Body Dimension Data, Average Human Heights, Small Arms Threat Weapon Systems, Anti-Tank Threat Weapon Systems, Surface To Air Threat Weapon Systems, Mortar Weapon Threat Weapon Systems, Enemy Vehicles, Vector Quick Reference Guide, CAS 9 Line, Artillery / Mortar CFF, Adjustments, Illumination, Suppression Of Enemy Air Defense, Immediate Suppression / Smoke, Quick Smoke, Sequence Of Subsequent Corrections, Indirect Fire Wpns Tables, Scout Sniper Order Format, Scout Sniper PCI, Route Overlay Example, Patrol Coordination, Frago, Conversions Tables, Landing Zone Size, Landing Zone Brief, Tacevac Request / Nato 9-Line

Fully Waterproof

Fillable, Erasable, Rewritable

Card Count: 32  Size: Thuls (5.25 x 4.25)

3 Black Micro Rings included Free


Customer Reviews

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u Vzm a d mmmmm Tyrel Bloom N s cup
It does the job

If your going to dm or ss schools just get it

Hi, Tyrel!

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Dalton Hannigan
Scout Sniper Ops Manual

The Sniper thuls makes life 10x easier. If you’re a PIG or a HOG it will definitely make life a bit easier.

Hi, Dalton!

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Zachary Hafen

Scout Sniper Operations Manual

Hi, Zachary!

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