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The AN/PRC-117G (Falcon III) manpack networking radio.

Initial Operator Procedure,  Loading Comsec fill data, Vulos comsec keys, Loading SCM comsec keys, loading HPW comsec keys,  loading SINCGARS comsec and transec data, Line-of-sight (voice), Satcom (voice), Vulos situational awareness (LOS and SAT), Initial radio setup for HPW operations, Loading radio with comsec key for HPW operation (SKL) (TKL), LOS HPW operations (PPP cable), Programming HPW software for HPW operations, dedicated satcom (HPW) 25k, 5k, SCM config, Program preset SCM, Operate SCM waveform, IW, Loading keymat and transec with PYQ-10/SKL, Sincgars programming, Los situational awareness-trans/receive, CPA mission plan, ANW2.

Item no: CS117G11A

Card Count: 11

Size: 5.5 x 4.25 IN.

Fully Waterproof, Durable

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