Fire Support Leaders Guide

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Immediate CAS Request, Air Stack, Area Of Operations (AOR) Update, CAS 9 Line, FW CAS Tables, JTAC Terminal Control, Brevity Codes & Terms, Observer To JTAC Brief, JTAC to Observer Brief, Joint Tactical Air Strike Request, SOF GUNSHIP CFF, SOF Gunship Weapons Table, CCA RW 5-Line, 5-Line RW CAS Brief, RW CAS Tables, ARTY / Mortar Permission / Coord, Artillery / Mortar CFF, Adjustments, Illumination, Immediate Suppression / SEAD, Immediate Suppression / Smoke, Quick Smoke, Sequence Of Subsequent Corrections, Minimum Corrections, Indirect Fire Wpns Tables, HIMARS CFF, NSFS Permission / Coordination, Naval Surface Fire Support CFF, NGF Guns Up Ready To Fire, Report, Naval Gunfire Capabilities, Naval Gunfire Support Report, NSFS Terminology, TLAM Call For Fire, TLAM Missle Red, PGM / ROZ / Goalpost / Hotwall, Medevac / Casevac Brief, Landing Zone Brief, SALT-R, AGM Approval, BDAR

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Customer Reviews

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Hunter Beebe

Fire Support Leaders Guide

Hi, Hunter!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a five star review. Cheers!

Joshua Rivera
Great Product!

The availability and breakdown by section of applicable FS systems makes these a very useful asset in a classroom and field environment! Would highly recommend and I like how I can easily just break it down to what I need!

Hi, Joshua!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a five star review. We are happy to hear that the product has been useful and is something you recommend to others. Cheers!

Frank W

I love this guide! It has everything you would need to go out and feel comfortable about doing your job. I never leave to the field without it. Also this is a great way to help teach and train other soldiers or to give them a basic view of how to do some aspects of this job. Awesome product look forward to adding some of the other Fire Support Z folds in the future.

Hi, Frank!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a five star review. We are happy to hear that the THULS has been useful and become essential to the mission. Cheers!

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