23 Tips Before You Go on Your First Contract

Here are a couple tips a buddy and I made around 2018. Do yourself a favor and get your act together before applying to these companies. Without further delay here are 23 tips that you can do before going on your first contract.

1. Join the military first get a few years under your belt and deploy at least once for a minimum of 12 months.
   A. Go what ever your branches Special Operations is.
   B. Don’t be a POG. But if you are be the best POG you can be, doesn’t matter if you were supply or a cook be the absolute fucking best.

2. Don’t do any kind of drug, this includes smoking weed. I don’t care what you think of it just don’t  do it ever.

3. Don’t beat your wife/husband, kids, girlfriend/boyfriend, dog, cat, what ever. Keep your hands to yourself unless your down range killing something.

4. Don’t get a DUI, you’re adults control yourself, you’re not a idiot to have made it this far, don’t fuck shit up because you can’t say no to getting black out drunk and driving home, get a Uber or have a DD.

5. Pay your fucking child support, it’s not the state department, your company, passport agency, ex’s fault you are a shitty human and can’t pay for your kid. Suck it up pay for your responsibility like a fucking man/woman.

6. Don’t lie, we all exaggerate and tell stories but don’t lie to each other. We’re not gonna fuck you and we don’t care what you have done.  Know this you lie and you get called out, you’ll get your feelings hurt and burn your bridges.

7. Don’t burn your bridges, you don’t like someone fine. You had a terrible country manager, project supervisor? Oh well suck it up butter cup. You never know when you will run into that person again, maybe your shitty room mate you hated and told him to fuck off when you left will be your next recruiter or supervisor. Doesn’t mean you have to like them be professional.

8. Be professional. Don’t go around with your ass out. Act like you are an adult.

9. Go to school! For anything just get a damn degree, it shows you’re not a retard.

10. Have a good resume, get it professionally done. We have several people who do it in this group alone. Just ask.

11. Listen to advice, we have people in here been contracting since before you were born. Shut your mouth and open your ears.

12. Ask for help. It’s a hard thing to do, we are your peers. We go thru hard times, we have questions good and dumb. Swallow your pride and ask for help.

13. Don’t blow up a recruiters phone/email/ Facebook/ grinder profile etc. they have your info. Let them work.

14. Be patient.

15. Go get training on your own, pistol, rifle, emt. Yes it’s expensive but it is worth it. We have many owners/instructors in here ask.

16. Clean up your social media accounts. You all go around acting like fools on them. Lock that shit down, untag your self in stupid things, shut up on your political, race, gender, religion rants. No matter your opinion they make  you look stupid. And yes Recruiters do look at them.

17.   Don’t be broke, get a fuckin job no matter what it is. Go flip burgers while you’re waiting to hear back. Oatmeal is better than no meal. Don’t make you or your family suffer because you’re to good to bag groceries.

18. You are not the best, someone is always going to be better, younger, smarter, faster, stronger, etc. accept that.

19. Get fit, go to the house of gains. You will be sorely surprised when you show up looking like fat bastard.

20. Get professional head and body shots done. More and more companies want those.

21. Buy a suit. Look good, in person and you will impress and give you a better shot at getting ahead.

22. Be humble.

23.  Maintain/Get a Passport/Visa.


We hope you guys enjoyed this and please contact us if you have any questions.

Keep your head up, watch your six, and as always, stay ready.