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Its rare to find 06 inspired t's... this one not only represents us, but does it with the humor we all know. The fit is great, one of my new favorites!!!

Morty on a 240

Sticker was a bit bigger than expected but still awesome and love it.

Let's get rickety rickety wrecked son

Love the sticker. Perfect fit on yeti coffee mug

Fin Shoot Ruck
Statement shirt.

Prior Navy EOD. Absolutely love this shirt. Good for workouts and solid for general wear.

155mm Pin-Up Tee
A. Murphy
Sick shirt

Absolutely love the shirt; got one in black and one in OD. Only thing I’m a little bummed about is the logo on the front isn’t the Heavily Suppressed logo (as pictured above on the shirt) but I still really like the logo for the company being in its place. Fits super well and looks badass.

Awesome quality

Great flag quick delivery got it in 2-3 days from ordering

Fire Missions Flag
Brandan Eldridge
Great flag

High quality

When will yall restock?


Make them TAN Ts!!

100% more people would cop them if they were the same color as the under shirt

Jesus Slays - flag
Kolby Griffin
He does slay

Jesus do be slayin tho, hallmark of my brixx room


Man, the merch turned out amazing. The money I shelled out out of pocket immediately felt worth it. The holographic stickers are sick and the size is perfect. Super stoked to deliver these to my platoon as a PCS gift.

Fin Shoot Ruck
Steve Fredericks
My new favorite shirt!

I could not be happier with the quality and the bad-ass design speaks for itself. Great job Mission Essential!

0331 Nun Flag
Joe Kelley

0331 Nun Flag

Retro Recondo Sticker

Solid product

Great shirt with an awesome design!

Great quality shirt, even better message

We love the quality of this shirt and the message that goes with it. The image on the front and back of the shirt is still crisp after several washes. Another great product from Mission Essential Gear and Ben Cantwell Art!

Relax We All Die Sticker
Calliott Scheuermann

Relax We All Die Sticker

Tarot Tools
Clayton Blaisdell

This shirt is soft and breathable. Snug fit on the arms and loose torso.

JOAT Engineer Sticker
Clayton Blaisdell

Quality sticker. I have it on the back of my phone, and it has not worn off, faded, nor pealed.

Relax, We All Die
Nicholas Ohler

Great shirt. Fits well

Jesus Slays - flag
Nilson Marmolejos
Dope Flag.

I have it above my travel wall where i put pictures of all the places i have been in and pictures of friends since i joined the marine corp. looks awesome.

Great feeling short even better design. Can’t go wrong

AWB x TAC Collab - Hoodie
Billy Ringbauer

AWB x TAC Collab - Hoodie

Awesome sticker

Super cool sticker. Good quality. Wish it was bigger (that’s what she said).

Napalm Sticks To Kids - sticker
The Seaman Formerly known as Lance corporal
It's lit

Makes my yeti look cool.