Just One More

This poem is by Patrick Rifino

It’s been a year 

Since you’ve seen me here

But I told you just one more

Another trip, another goal

And maybe then I will feel whole.

The ebbs and flows

The places I go.

You ask me to stay

But yet I go away and tell you just one more.

I give you ring and it makes you smile 

Till I tell you it’s going to be a while.

So I tell you just one more.

We buy a house, I go to school 

But we both know I feel like a fool.


This isn’t me, I’m trying though

So I can show you I’m ready to grow.

But in the end I’m failing

I packed my bags, looked at her and smiled.

“Just one more” she said knowing it would be a while.

Before I wrote, before I called, before I did anything at all.

I said “of course” and went away

Nothing as simple as love could force me to stay.