ISAF Reports & Language Module
ISAF Reports & Language Module
ISAF Reports & Language Module

ISAF Reports & Language Module

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ISAF Reports & Language Module

The THULS IRLM - ISAF Reports & Language Module was developed to provide user-friendly versions of the most commonly used ISAF / NATO reports currently being used in Afghanistan. Train with these reports BEFORE you deploy. Afghan deployments have their own set of reports. MIR has captured some of the most relevant and put them in one place, making them available before deployment.

44 Pages on 22 Cards contains: TACEVAC / NATO 9-Line / MIST, SALTA, BDAR, SIGAC Report, TIC Report, EOF 16-line Report, SAF 12-line Report, IDF Attack 8-line Report, Shell Report, Crater Analysis, IED Initial Spot Report, IED Follow up Report, 15-line Vehichle Recovery Request, ISAF Detainee Report, ANSF Prisoner 9-line Brief, Missing Personnel Report, Detainee Release Report.

Afghanistan Do's & Dont's, Language: PASHTO, Language: DARI.

Fully Waterproof, Durable, Fillable, Erasable, Rewritable

Card Count: 22

Size: THULS (5 1/2 x 4 3/8)

Item No: 852282002