Bleeding Control Kit with Comp Gauze

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The TacMed™ Bleeding Control Kit contains the necessary items to control serious bleeding and prevent further blood loss for a victim suffering a traumatic injury. The compact bleeding control kit has a well laid-out interior that allows easy access to the components inside. It can be easily stored in a places such as a car, backpack, office drawer, or cabinet at home. 

The included instructions prioritize which injuries to treat with the appropriate components. The instructions detail how to treat massive spurting blood loss with a tourniquet and how to treat oozing dark red blood with direct pressure using the gauze and hemostatic agent if your bleeding kit includes one.


  • 1x Red Pouch
  • 1x TM Bleeding Control Patch
  • 1x SOF-T Tourniquet - Wide (black)
  • 1x Esmark Bandage
  • 1x 4" Control Wrap
  • 1x Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • 1x Trauma Shears (5.5 in)
  • 1x Compression Gauze

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