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What We Gave Up

Posted by Brodie Kirkpatrick on

Written by Patrick Rifino. I sit here thinking about the uniqueness of conflict; and not just war, but everything in between. Men have often left the comfort of their beds to venture into the unknown, whether it be civil unrest, disaster relief, or pandemics. As someone who has profited immensely off such strife I sit in my house today sipping on some expensive craft beer wondering what I have to show for it. I often used to peer into my bank account and find solace in either a pending statement, the overall growth of investments, or even look at my...

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Entry Level Tips For The First Time Government Contractor

Posted by Patrick Rifino on

One of the first things you need to ask yourself when getting into this line of work is: What is the goal/endgame for you when you finally hang it up. Most people I've met it's to pay off  either their credit card debt or their mortgage. Before you deploy you need to have a financial plan before you go wheels up. If you don't you can definitely find yourself in contractor limbo which is good and bad depending who you ask.  Age is another thing that is factored in when becoming a contractor (security field). Most contracts require you to...

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